Bhagvad-Gita: Treatise of self-help

By BS Murthy

The spiritual ethos and the philosophical outlook that the Bhagvad - Gita postulates paves the way for the liberation of man, who, as Rousseau said, ‘being born free, is everywhere in chains’. But equally it is a mirror of human psychology, which enables man to discern his debilities for appropriate redressal. All the same, the boon of an oral tradition that kept it alive for over two millennia became its bane with the proliferation of interpolations therein. Besides muddying its pristine philosophy, these insertions affect the sequential conformity and structural economy of the grand discourse. And ironically these muddle the understanding of the Gita’s protagonists to their own detriment. What is worse, to the chagrin of the majority of the Hindus, some of these legitimize the inimical caste system while upholding the priestly perks and prejudices. This fresh and insightful version seeks to restore to the Gita, its original character by ridding it of hundred and nine interpolations (in the accompanying updated text, s24, ch.3 too would not find a place) which tend to keep the skeptics away from it. This audio rendition is meant to suggest the way the verses in the accompanying text are to be read as conceived by its author and but for the omission of s24, ch.3 and the alteration of the fourth line in v.1, ch.1, in the said text, the latter is faithful to the former.

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