Bhagvad-Gita: Treatise of self-help

by BS Murthy

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Chapter-9: The Sacred Secret 


This chapter of 34 slokas, known as raja-vidyaa raja-guhya yoga, Supreme Knowledge and Supreme Secret, describes various ways of attaining the Supreme that lends itself readily for interpolations.        

In s13, it is stated that the realized man constantly and single-mindedly remains devoted to the Supreme and in s14 it is averred that such ever remain united with Him in meditation. But it is only in s22 that the protection of the Supreme to those engaged in His service in true devotion is assured. While s23 states that those who worship other gods with faith, worship Him only, albeit defectively, s25 pictures varied outcome of worshipping other gods,  a contradiction of s3,ch.12. And in s24, He is   the Enjoyer and the Lord of all Sacrifice, an anathema to the philosophy of the Gita. Also s15 is but a digression to facilitate s16-s21 and s23-s25. What is more, there could be some omissions from the original, given the seemingly incomplete exposition of the promised dharma in s2. 

         Further, in s 30 and s 31, it is said that even a reformed sinner is dear and valuable to Him. Then in s 32 it is stated that women, Vaisyas and Sudras could win His favour through devotion, sounding as if they are all in an inferior league. Leave aside the Lord's averment in many a context in this text that the Supreme Spirit lies in all beings, it is specifically stated in s34 of ch.10 that He symbolizes all that is glorious in woman. Given this, and the background of  interpolations, s32 surely is a case of trespass. S33 of this chapter is but a jointing medium of the said obnoxious verse and in itself is patronizing in nature towards the virtuous Brahmans.   

S7, that contravenes s15-s16 of ch.8 and echoes the interolative s18-s19 of this, is an interpolation. S34 that falls into a separate category,  that too seemingly an interpolation, for reasons explained in ĎAll about Interpolationsí.



Thus spoke the Lord:

Unenvied as thou I would tell

The art of leading fruitful life.


Supreme secret thatís sacred    

Profound dharma for mankind 

Fair and simple, practicable.


Fail who follow this dharma

Pay they price in recurring births.


Whatever is there I pervade

In My ambit lay beings 

Though itís not the other way round.


Fail if thou to grasp it thus

Feel as though Iím confined in 

What I bring forth ín sustain.


Skies in rooted wind as spreads

Dwell in Me though disperse all.


Itís I make the Nature bring

Beings hapless in their scores.


Since I function not in passion

Bound Am none by acts all these.


It's the Nature ruled by Me

Takes the world the way it goes.


Though Am Lord of all beings

Give Me human form the naive

And thus they do belittle Me.


Vile in delusion lead their lives

In vainness they waste their time.


With Me in mind well-meaning

See they beings sourced in Me. 


With right intent ín focus

Such Me worship with true faith.


Those as meditate ín worship

Them I take My wings under


Hold I dear a leaf even

Offered when by pure minded.


Act thou throughout in good faith

Thus thou make Me feel honoured. 


Rid be thou of all that binds                            

Freed be thus thou come to Me.


None I favour; slight I none 

Devout Mine all gain Me true.


Start as wicked My worship

Take them all as well realized. 


Tend I them then turn even

Devout Mine none go restive.


Ends thus:

The Secret Sacred,

The Ninth Chapter 

Of Bhagavad-Gita,

Treatise of self-help.



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