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Call centers - India leading the way

Communication tool that is still used most frequently is a telephone. There is hardly any business that works without a phone. Personalization of your customer service with call center is an effective way to improve business communication via a telephone. A successful marketing campaign starts with a keen understanding of your customers. By knowing you what your customer wants you can serve your customers more efficiently. A call center is a central place where customer and other telephone calls are handled by an organization, usually with some amount of computer automation. All good call centers use some kind of contact manager software that helps in building a customer database. A prospective client wanting to have a call center facility has two options – either he sets up his own personalized call center for his business or utilize the services of professional ‘outsourcing company’ providing call center facility. The outsourcing option is usually much cheaper but finding the right vendor for your business is sometimes a problem.
In recent years India has become a major hub of call center facilities. India's call center industry accounts for a quarter of all software and services exports from the country. Indian call centers and Information enabled technology services are currently employing about 1.2 million people and transforming into an almost $2 billion industry. In order to meet the growing international demand for cost-effective, customer-oriented call centers, many organizations worldwide are outsourcing these services by setting up call centers in India. When a Customers in the U.S. or Europe dial a toll free number, advertised by the company, and these calls are diverted via satellite or over leased fiber optic cables to a call center located in India. There are several factors that make India an ideal destination for call centers -

  • A booming telecommunications and Information technology industry and availability of state of the art Information technology and telecommunication facilities.

  • Cost-effective manpower: In a call center operation, manpower typically accounts for 55 to 60 percent of the total cost. In India, manpower is available at a fraction of the cost overseas. Indian companies can provide call center services to clients based in the U.S. or the UK at one-sixth to one-fourth of what it costs in U.S., UK or Australia.

  • A huge workforce of educated, English-speaking, tech-savvy personnel – India has the second largest English-speaking population and also the second highest number of higher education and technical training centers after the USA. India has a technical pool of nearly 5 million highly trained people.

  • High Quality: Indian companies are increasingly adapting to international quality standards.

Government of India has provided many incentives to promote the telecommunications and outsourcing.

Qualities of an ideal call center -

  • Flexibility- The call center should be able to adapt to the requirements of the client company and ready to offer tailor made packages.

  • Good technological capability and maintenance facility.

  • Emergency backup facility should be available.

  • Language – The vendor should be able to offer services in the native language of the prospective customers (e.g. English). The fluency in language and accents are important to many customers.

  • Should have a professionals approach with ‘human touch’ and courteous- It is very important that the persons working in the call center should not only have prompt and professional solutions for the problems of the customers but they should also have a ‘human touch’ so as to provide complete satisfaction to the customer.

  • Good reputation, business philosophy and ethics.

  • Commitment for customer satisfaction.

Many Indian call centers already provide international class service at affordable cost but some smaller companies still have a long way to go before they can satisfy their prospective clients. Basic ‘Mantra’ for a successful call center is ‘Customer satisfaction at affordable price’.