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Business Intelligence solutions in India

The world is rapidly moving towards convergence and a new business and connection paradigm is emerging: c-commerce. C-commerce stands for Collaborative Commerce that means optimization of supply and distribution channels in order to capitalize upon the global economy and use new technology efficiently. Collaboration promotes fresh views of suppliers, competitors, and customers. The goal is for a business to move away from production and sales, shifting towards the integration of various businesses. Technology and services for enterprise knowledge management will evolve to support the extended, collaborative enterprise. This will bring in a flood of information. Surviving the information flood and effectively managing it will be a critical success factor for enterprises to survive and have a distinct competitive edge. In a c-commerce business world 'knowledge and information' will be the basis for giving an enterprise its competitive edge. And Business Intelligence provides the foundation on which C-Commerce rests . 

So what is Business intelligence? Business intelligence (BI) is a broad category of applications and technologies for gathering, storing, analyzing, and providing access to data to help enterprise users make better business decisions. Business intelligence solutions help a company in making business decisions faster, accurate and market-oriented. Concept of business intelligence is new in India and according to Gourish Hosangady, it is  'limited to either a traditional database analysis tool or mistaken for a concept similar to market intelligence. '' Business intelligence market in India was very small at the beginning of this millennium. According to Frost & Sullivan report on the Business Intelligence market in India, wherein Business Intelligence has been categorized to include query & reporting tools, data warehousing & mining technologies, and business performance management- the BI market was estimated at Rs. 26 crore ($ 6 million approx) for Jan-Dec 2001 and increased by 40-45 percent in 2002, to approximately Rs. 37.5 crore ($10 million approx.)'. The Business Intelligence market in India could be in the range of $32-35 million by 2005. The Asia-Pacific market for BI solutions is estimated to be $1 billion by 2007, according to analyst Gartner. There has been a slow but steady growth of Business Intelligence market in India. A growing number of vendors are delivering products that are more of a solution and less of a tool. Vendor software have become more closely intertwined with business processes. Recently (September 2004) Microsoft Corporation India launched business intelligence accelerator that would streamline its Business Intelligence solutions implementation in the banking, finance, manufacturing and retail sectors. Sanjiv Mathur, group manager, Microsoft India told that "Business Intelligence Accelerator is a set of tools and technologies that streamline BI implementation in companies". Mathur also said that "Globally, we lead the Online Analytical Processing Servers (OLAP) vendors pack and are confident that the value proposition of the Microsoft platform would ensure our success in India as well". According to Tarun Mallick, product marketing manager, Microsoft India "By providing RDBMS (Relational Data Base Management Systems), which is a repository of data with rich OLAP functionality along with reporting services, we have the ability to take BI to the customers' fingertips". With big international players like Microsoft entering the field outlook is positive for further growth of Business Intelligence in India.