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Convergence of Web conference, CRM and Call centers  

Convergence is the present day industry buzz word. Following this ‘mantra’ Web communications services company Webex joined hands with Salesforce.com, the global leader in customer relationship management (CRM) services, to create a comprehensive sales automation and communication service delivered on demand, without software. The integration between the two services will allow customers to quickly launch a WebEx meeting from salesforce.com, and capture all relevant information from the meeting in the salesforce.com CRM service.

This year (2004) also witnessed integration between CRM major Salesforce.com and White Pajama's contact center and telephony functionality. This integration will allow Salesforce.com customers to extend their CRM application for Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services provided by ‘White Pajama’ that can prompt callers with personalized greeting and menus. It can also collect information from callers like PIN and account number, and provide answers to commonly asked questions like address and business or store hours. The White Pajama telephony solution can hold callers in queue for the next available agent, while music or personalized messages play, and can distribute interactions across multiple channels like telephone, emails, chat, and faxes, based on agent skill and availability. The product can provide screen pops into Salesforce.com that deliver calls and other interactions with contact information. Additionally, the White Pajama solution provides remote agent support, which connects to on site, remote, and home agents.

With many more such consolidations and integrations in pipeline, it is expected that customers will benefit from these unique and innovative services.