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Sama Veda

The word Sama means sweet songs or hymns. It is said that Sama Veda had originally 1000 sakhas but only 13 are available now -

1. Ranayana
2. Shatyamukhya
3. Vyasa
4. Bhaguri
5. Oulundi
6. Goulgulvi
7. Bhanuman-oupamayava
8. Karati
9. Mashaka Gargya
10. Varsgagavya
11 Kuthuma
12. sgakugitra
13. Jaimini

At present only three ( Ranayana, Kuthuma and Jaimini) are available. Samaveda consists of 1875 mantras. These mantras are divided into two broad groups- puravachika (650 mantras) and Uttarachika (1225 manrtas).Purvachika is further divided into four sections or kandas: agneya, aindra, pavamana and aranya kandas. The Uttarnchika consists of 21chapters.

Audio download links for Sama Veda

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Sama Veda 1A       Sama Veda 1B       Sama Veda 2A       Sama Veda 2B      

Sama Veda 3A       Sama Veda 3B       Sama Veda 4A      

Rig Veda (audio)    Yajur Veda (audio)    

Atharva Veda (audio)  


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The materials downloaded should be only for personal use or for academic purposes. These material cannot be used for any business purpose use. This material is based on a live recording of an actual Vedparayan by some Varanasi scholars. This effort to digitize the recitation was inspired by Brahmaleen Swami Gangeshwaranandji as well as Swami Govindanandji. The audio quality is not great, but it covers 56 hours of chanting of the Vedas. " We sincerely thank Mr. Prem for allowing us to provide this download. Mr. Prem holds all the samahts for this material.