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The Parsi businessman Bhimjee Parikh imported the first printing press into Bombay as early as 1670. Bengali newspaper Sangbad Kaumudi, published from Calcutta was the first Indian Newspaper. The first vernacular newspaper in Mumbai was the Gujarati daily Mumbai Samachar, published in 1822 by Fardoonjee Marzban. Mumbai Samachar is still being published, and is India's oldest newspaper. Times of India and Statesman were amongst the first English language newspapers and are still being published. Indian newspaper Industry has come a long way since then and now hundreds of newspapers in regional languages; Hindi and English are published every day from India.

Indian electronic media came into existence in 1927 when two privately owned transmitters at Mumbai and Calcutta started radio broadcasts. These were taken over by the Government in 1930. In 1936 All India Radio was established. Television made its debut in India when, State owned television channel Doordarshan was launched on experimental basis from New Delhi on 15th August 1959. Early 1990s saw the first sprouting of satellite dishes on the housetops, which was soon followed by cable TV revolution. Since1994 there has been literal mushrooming of cable TV channels in India. 1990s truly represent a decade of electronic media and information technology revolution in India.  A boom in Internet, cellular telephone and electronic media  saw India entering the new millennium as Information technology super power. Increasingly the Internet is becoming a medium for news, views and entertainment for a large number of people.

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