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Hinduism Resources

  • Vedas   - One of the very few places on net from where you can download Vedas in mp3 format (audio). Any serious student of Hinduism will like this site. "The attached links provide downloads of a complete recitation of the 4 Vedas. It is based on a live recording of an Actual Vedparayan by some Varanasi scholars. This effort to digitize the recitation was inspired by Brahmaleen Swami Gangeshwaranandji as well as Swami Govindanandji. The audio quality is not great, but it covers 56 hours of chanting of the Vedas. " We sincerely thank Mr. Prem for allowing us to provide this download

  • Hindu Website - Provides comprehensive information on Hinduism and related religions.

  • Hindu about - Good site with lots of resources on Hinduism.

  • Yoga directory - Lots and lots of links on everything related to yoga.

  • Yogaspirits -Learn about different yoga systems including Chakra Yoga and Hatha yoga

  • Advait Vedanta - If you want to know about Advait Vedanta, this is a good site.

  • Dvait Vedanta -Site devoted to dvait vedanta.

  • Vedanata Philosophy - Swami Prabuddhananda Saraswati site on vedanta.

  • Vedanta org - This site is based on Ramkrishna Paramhansa's teachings.

  • Ramkrishna org - The Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Center of New York's web site.

  • Complete works of Swami Vivekananda   - This is the place where you can read the complete works of Swami Vivekananda online. A must visit site if you are looking for Vedanta philosophy and yoga.

  • Sivananda org   - Vedanta philosophy and yoga.

  • Vedanta and Bhagvad Gita summary   - Aanother good site on Vedanta and Bhagvad Gita.

  • Hindu-Festivals.com - Raksha Bandhan ecards, Rakhi greetings, Indian Independence Day greetings from Hindu-Festivals.Com