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Masala Liver

 Submitted by: littleflow3r

 Take a pan and put some water in it, like a quarter or half of the pan and add salt to it. Then add the liver and boil it. When it comes to a boil twice, remove from stove. Let it cool down a bit and then clean /rub the liver with your hands to remove all dirt. Throw that dirty water and rinse the liver, then add some vinegar and clean again. Then wash the liver in fresh water. Now keep it aside and prepare masala (spices).

 For the masala, you need: -

 2 kg onions chopped in a small square shape.

 ¼ liter oil.

 ½ kg tomatoes.

 2 fully heaped tbsps garlic

 1 tbsp ginger

 4 tbsp dhania (corriander) powder

 1 tbsp mirchi (red chilly) powder

 ½ tsp haldi (turmeric) powder

 3 tbsp tomato puree

 ½ tsp salt

 Mix all these ingredients together to make a paste except for the tomatoes, onions and oil. Add the oil and heat it. Then Sauté onions, when half brown add tomatoes. When water is released from the tomatoes and they become soggy, then add the masala (spice paste) and cook it properly. Then add the boiled liver. Let it cook on a low flame. Add a coverlid to your pot with water on top to let it cook in steam.  You can add little water to the liver but very little, like half a glass. In the end, add some Garam masala (Indian hot spice) and cover it. 

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