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'Modern Physics - String Theory and Hindu Scriptures'

Relativistic quantum field theory has worked very well to describe the observed behaviors and properties of elementary particles. But the theory itself only works well when gravity is so weak that it can be neglected. Particle theory only works when we pretend gravity doesn't exist. While 'General relativity' only works when we pretend that the Universe is purely classical and that quantum mechanics is not needed in our description of Nature. 
' String theory' is believed to fill the gap between 'Quantum field theory' and General relativity theory'. 'String theories' are recent developments in modern day physics.
In 'String theory', the elementary particles we are thought to be excitation modes of elementary strings. However, the strings in string theory are floating in space-time. Nonetheless, they have tension. 
We are used to thinking of fundamental particles (like electrons) as point-like 0-dimensional objects. A generalization of this is fundamental strings that are 1-dimensional objects. They have no thickness but do have a length, typically 0.000000000000000000000000000000001cm [that's a decimal point followed by 32 zeros and a 1]. This is very small compared to the length scales that we can reasonably measure, so these strings are so small that they practically look like point particles.
Now what some of our ancient scriptures say about the elementary composition of this 'Universe'.
"Sun and the rest of the universe are woven in string. What is that string that is Vayu." (Shatapatha Brahmana ( 
Kathashruti 2.2 says that Vayu has entered the universe and taken the shape of every object in the universe. 
Now please don't translate the meaning of 'Vayu' to be 'air' because in Vedic Sanskrit 'Vayu' is some thing different. 'Vayu' is something, which is all pervading. Shatapatha Brahmana gives a definite clue as to the meaning of 'Vayu' when it says that 'What is that string is Vayu'. It further says that whole universe is woven in 'String'. Now haven't you heard some thing similar being discussed by 21st century physicist when they discuss the 'String Theory'. 
Some people may laugh and say it is a long shot and those ancient people may just have mentioned something like 'String' by mistake. Well before rejecting what those 'ancient people' said it would be worth for any intelligent person to read some of these ancient scriptures after learning Vedic Sanskrit. Then you can come to your own conclusions.
--Editor-Gateway for India
(Purpose of this article is not to explain 'String Theory' but to just give an example of what modern day scientists are finding out now may well have been described by Rishis in sacred ancient scriptures. The purists in physics may find many points missing in this article. Anyone interested in details of 'String theories' should refer to specialized articles or textbooks).