A Journey into the Pathways of Philosophy

By Dr. N C Ramanujachary

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(Study of Life-processes and the obligatory journey)

To understand that there is a Divine Plan, we must first know what we mean by divine and divinity. What we assume may not be all the time correct, as our understanding is limited to sensory perception i.e. limited to the five senses readily available to us. Even this sensory perception is not totally available to us, considering that we have created terms like higher/super sensory senses.

 We see a vast area of Nature around us. There are many Planes of Nature. There are 7 fundamental impulses in Nature. Their combination brings in all things and beings in the world. There is an Objective world and similarly a Subjective world. A substance or a basis that is called ‘Spiritual’ maintains both these worlds. Spiritual is something beyond the thought.

 We may here examine what and how thought grows. 1. It is the servant of the body to start with. 2. It becomes the servant of the pleasure of the mind. This includes the enjoyments of understanding, of affection, of the sense of power and self-respect. 3. It becomes the servant of the Spirit. At this stage it becomes responsive and obedient to the impulses from ‘above.’ These impulses are not born from or colored by its previous experience. Beyond this Spirit and including/enclosing all that is discussed now is the Divine area or Divinity. Thus we have the material, psychic, spiritual and Divine Nature around us, and we are also a part of that Nature. All the lower regions merge into the highest, and so Divinity or Divine nature/impulses are the ultimate achievements so far as we in the earth globe are concerned.

 Divinity is many times personified and a name and form are given to that. That may be necessary in the earlier days of human emergence, but today with the much advent of philosophic thought and absorption of abstract ideas by the mind, this type/kind of ‘anthropomorphism’ is not necessary.

 Now, this Divinity has a Plan for everything in the Nature. That plan is progressive development and attaining a sort of Perfection. Every object in Nature, including human beings and Devas, is moving towards this Perfection. Becoming Perfect is the limit of Liberation in the context of our existence.  

There is a Science; in ultimate stature we call that Divine Science. At the level of operation/function we call it Divine Religion. Divine Wisdom guides it. This science calls for human action to obtain progression and perfection. Progression involves knowing well the Laws of Nature, and improving upon our capacity to work in accordance with that. Laws of Nature are reflections of Universal Truths concerning existence and human behavior. These Laws are also reflected in Human codes of Conduct, which has come down as Dharma Sastra-s from times immemorial. The canons of Dharma-Sastra get altered from time to time but the basic structure as such is not altered/ affected. The presentation of Dharma gets altered in terms of human understanding. Truths are inculcated depending upon the faculty of humanity to understand, assimilate and work out. To illustrate, we can look to the five precepts of Buddha or the ten commandments of Christ. Doing good today is dependent upon one’s understanding of what good is. Not a reciprocal idea but a ‘fundamental’ idea demanding action/performance. Doing Good for the sake of Good, not for any benefit it confers is the Law today. This way, we can modulate all human activities and move up on the ladder of evolution. To get at the top, on absorbing all intermediary lessons, is the matter of Perfection so far as we are concerned to day.

 The Laws of Nature are very many. Abstract form of the universal truth, the conceptual modification of that and the ultimate action point that strictly replays that can be worked out by human imagination.

             Unity             Oneness                           Brotherhood

             Order            sequence                          Methodical working

             Beauty          appreciation                     devotion

             Harmony      similarity                         tolerance & endurance

 Self-governance, Love of Wisdom, Understanding, Harmony, Scientific outlook, Surrender to Divinity and Ceremonial magic or Ritualistic worship are the 7 fundamental impulses and these get reflected as Seven Rays of Development for the present humanity. All the seven are necessary for one’s being but ‘one’ dominates and leads the individual to the top. Harmony is the fourth step, the intermediary. The first three qualities are tending towards Self-reliance while the latter three are indicative of the final devotion one must give attention to. A way or the other, all these are expressions of Love, which is the total/ ultimate/ holistic quality one must move to.  

Knowledge of the Laws and their working is very crucial to human existence and continuation. There is lot of scope for its abuse/ misuse and that is the reason for maintaining Spiritual and Divine matters as utmost secrets. As individual as a group moves up the ethical ladder, things get revealed to him/them.

 Ideals are placed before us. Role models are provided. We have ample choice to examine these and select what suits us. How do we make the choice? Do we make or mar our future, consciously and unconsciously? Plan is not thrust upon us arbitrarily. It is a postulate, responds well to human rationale.

 Change your mode of life, otherwise earth will not survive for more years --- is what scientists, sociologists, men of religion, spiritual teachers are saying. They put it in their own language. Philosopher says, Deprive yourself of the demonic qualities, and acquire the Divine qualities. (Vices/Virtues)  It is for us to understand and act. Our motives, actions decide our future. Divine Plan is one thing that works through us.


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