A Journey into the Pathways of Philosophy

By Dr. N C Ramanujachary

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 Philosophy is a subject that cannot be ‘taught’ like any other one. It is an art, a science and the same time a craft. It is the quintessence of life, living, existence, and knowledge about knowing. We shall see how various men of philosophy have defined and detailed the term earlier.

 Pathways towards the knowledge are many. They are varied according to the times and space. Historically and geographically the ways of acquainting with the knowledge have changed, adapted systems and arrived at conclusions however they are parochial. Ways and avenues may be many but the undercurrent of study is the same. It is the Oneness or togetherness of the being, the manifestation. Pathway can be direct or circuitous. It is a perception of each individual being and naturally changes from person to person. That is one of the reasons to say that there are as many pathways to the Ultimate as the number of jeevas is.

Coming to the point of journey, it must be noted at the outset that it is obligatory, though prima-facie it appears optional. One must do it very intelligently, brilliantly, purposefully if the end-point is to result in a Perfect being.

An interesting point for consideration is: who is it that makes the journey? For a first look, it appears that the human being is the person undertaking the journey. But who is this human, other than a by-product of the processes of Life. It is the Life that is searching for forms for its expression all the time and outliving them each time. The journey is intended to finally find out the best/perfect situation.

 It is proposed to study this subject under six topics as below:  

  1. Meaning and content of the term Philosophy

(in the context of Western thought and Eastern view)

  1. Philosophic studies in the Orient 

(including the radical systems and reformations)

  1. Vedanta and Brahmanical Systems

(Wisdom as ultimate of human development and progression)

4.     Spiritual insights and Intuition

(Study of Human principles, bodies and higher possibilities)

5.   Ultimate purpose of Humanity

(Study of Life-processes and the Obligatory journey)

 Now we shall proceed with the study of the topics. The division of topics as such  is only for purposes of a detailed and analytical understanding, but it must not be forgotten that they are interrelated and totally connected to the theme.


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