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The Negative Zone of Existence
By Richa Mishra

 The simplest and most common stream aims towards the happy and comfortable life. This motivates to work for joy, cheer and splendor and nurtures such thoughts which take us forward on this path. But there is one more stream which deals with the eternal and accurate thoughts. Their root of origin is very deep and they are born from the depth of our heart such as the unconditional love, acute mental pains, or the feeling of encounter with death.

God mixed equal amount of positive and negative things to make this world. Moreover even any scientific model can be stable only if it can move in two opposite directions from where it originated. Whole universe runs on this fundamental theory. The more we move away from it, the more we have to face the turbulence in our mind. For a true and fulfilled life, we accept the second path also. It doesn’t indicates that we should chose the miseries, but if they come in our way, then they should be accepted with an open heart as they are the means to broaden the heart, the thoughts, and to decide a clear goal of the life. God sends us in this imbalanced world continuously to balance our minds, because then only we will be unfit to live here and the cycle of birth and death will break.

We all are born with same sense of pain and love, in the same world, and to carry an ongoing cycle of life and death. Then, are there any other fundamental properties common to us? Yes. We can decide our mental future to a great extent.

Actually, existence is a special case of non existence. The wind chimes give the winds a sense, and winds give the wind chimes a definition, just like existence is defined via non existence and vise versa. As we gradually understand the direction of flow of a balanced mind, we leave all the noise far behind and head towards our origin point. Our thoughts concentrate and act like a LASER beam.

But this transformation is a wild journey. We have only to flow in its direction it works in its own manners. As Vivekananda has said in his poem:
“I searched the space and time for you. I left my abode, friends and all the relations. I crossed the horror oceans, and sometimes fought with the darkness of the forests. I suffered the threat to my life at every step. But I managed to love and worship the secret of life.”

Vivekananda says at another place-“We are neither seeking the joy nor sorrow. We are seeking only the ultimate freedom.” [Source-‘The biography of Vivekananda’ published by Adwait Ashram]
Leave the very sophistication that binds you from meeting your own self. It is very important that you should check the others opinions from conquering you. Our heart knows what is right for us, so avoid useless talks, and listen to your own heart. To set our mind in a right direction and to avoid the diversion of mind, we should keep a few things in mind always:

1. Things or incidents in this world don’t affect us in the way they, happen but in the way we think them to be. This is true for people around us also.

2. We meet many people everyday but we are free to include only those persons in our life whom we want to. Because after all, our mind is ours only and one is the only master of it.

3. Now there comes in picture a mental condition which is called mentally rejection. It comes in picture when we have no command over an incident or situation. In such a case neither we can not love it nor is hating of any use because we have no command over it. In such case we question the very existence of that thing. It is a hard practice but with a firm resolution in heart it becomes easy and helps in conquering the disturbance in our mind.

4. Prayer is a powerful medium through which we expand our mind. We offer our prayers to god and the entire cosmos, via which we try to obtain their level of vastness.

Once we accept the reality of world and set our mind to work under our commands only, we get the spiritual treasures to enjoy all through our life, we get fulfilled and this fulfillment makes us the origin of music and winds, the most powerful things of the mental and physical world.